Lego Challenge Teams

FIRST Lego League Challenge

Teams at this level are based of 3-10 students, grades 4-10.  A challenge gets released in August, and competitions happen on a Saturday in November.  Teams are evaluated on 4 factors: Robot performance, a team project that presents a solution to a current problem, an interview about how they designed, built and programmed their robot, and the 4th factor: teamwork.

New River Robotics Association helps form teams with coach training, competition tables like the ones shown here, a Lego robot kit, team registration, competition logistics, and practice space.  We know that starting a new team can be scary, and we  have lots of resources to turn fright into fun!

FLL-C Teams that New River Robotics Association help:

#38690, July Dragons

#46108, Night Owls

#52615, Talented Turbo Turtles

#56466, SJNA Knights

#57492, GLES Lizards

#60131 GLES Lizards #2

#60133 Pulaski E.S. Panthers

#60134 Critizer E.S. Critters

#60135 Snowville E.S. Huskies

#60289 Roanoke Gigihertz

#60372 Kipps E.S. Kangaroos #1

#60492  Kipps E.S. Kangaroos #2

#60716 Zoobotics

#60877Kipps E.S. Kangaroos #3

#61009 Riverlawn E.S.

#61010 Dublin E.S.

#61228  Robotic Ravens of Blue Ridge

#63623Falling Branch E.S. Frogbotics

To show how exciting this level can be!  Here is a video teaching  FLL-C Coaches about what to expect on/after the August 1st Season Kick-Off and with a helpful document.  NRRA is always available to help out!  Contact us!

What to Expect On_After Aug 1st.pdf

FTC Team 4924 spent over 24 hours complying video instruction to help new and veteran FLL Challenge coaches with ways to help their teams navigate this season's mission.  Check it out !