Lego Challenge Teams

FIRST Lego League Challenge

Teams at this level are based of 3-10 students, grades 4-10. A challenge gets released in August, and competitions happen on a Saturday in November. Teams are evaluated on 4 factors: Robot performance, a team project that presents a solution to a current problem, an interview about how they designed, built and programmed their robot, and the 4th factor: teamwork.

New River Robotics Association helps form teams with coach training, competition tables like the ones shown here, a Lego robot kit, team registration, competition logistics, and practice space. We know that starting a new team can be scary, and we have lots of resources to turn fright into fun!

FLL-C Teams that New River Robotics Association help:

#38690, July Dragons

#46108, Night Owls

#25762, Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

#52615, Happy Robotic Hamsters

#55585, Al Jazari

#56466, SJNA Knights

#57492 Gilbert Linkous Lizards

#52490 Chargeable Batteries